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We provide all levels of service at Blazing Saddle Cycle. Whether you need a simple brake adjustment on your daily-driver, a damper refresh on your dirt-surfer, or a full-on resto for your pre-war ballooner, Our trained mechanics have got you covered, and estimates are always free! Stop by at your own convenience.


Safety-check $25

This is a quick, and oftentimes on-the-spot service for those who need to get on the road ASAP. It consists of a general once-over of the bike to make sure that everything is in good health and ready to be ridden. We will:

  • Check all fasteners for proper torque

  • Wipe down frame

  • Air up tires

  • Make necessary barrel-adjustments of brakes and gears

Basic Tune-up $40

This is a service for a bike that has generally been well-maintained, but is in need of a few adjustments. It includes:

  • Wipe-down of frame

  • Wipe-down and re-lube of drivetrain

  • Brake adjustments

  • Derailleur adjustments

  • Headset adjustment

  • Bottom Bracket adjustment

  • Quick spot-truing of wheels on bike

Full Tune-up $75

This service is the same as our Basic Tune-up but also includes:

  • Removal of wheels for more in-depth truing

  • Axle Adjustment

  • We sing a power ballad to your bicycle when service is completed

Full Overhaul $200

This comprehensive service includes our full Tune-up, but also adds a few features:

  • Includes Full Tune-up

  • Includes Full clean (outlined below) plus:

  • Strip bike down to bare frame and re-packs or replaces all necessary bearings

  • Includes all extra labor costs for drivetrain-component replacement, cable replacement, and replacement of handlebar wrap.

  • Replacement components not included

Cleaning Services

Light Clean $20

  • Frame wiped down

  • Removal of all visible grit/grime while leaving components on the bike

  • Chain gets run through commercial-grade chain cleaner and re-lubricated

Full Clean $60

  • Detailed frame cleaning

  • Drivetrain-related components removed from bike for intensive cleaning in an industrial parts washer

  • A necessary service for a well-ridden bike!

Specialty Services:


There's nothing worse than a getting to the trail-head, only to realize that your shock is losing air, and your dropper's stuck in the down position... By having these parts serviced at regular intervals, you'll make sure to get the longest life out of your shred-sled. Get a hold of us w/ the serial numbers of your squishy parts, and we'll return you the most accurate price quote!

  • Forks start at $60
  • Shocks start at $40
  • Droppers at $40


No project is too big for the crew at Blazing Saddle! See our Instagram or Facebook page for many examples of the resto-jobs we've completed in the past. Whether you're looking to breathe some new life into that '80s Bianchi road bike, or you're considering getting your grandfather's Ohio-built '48 Roadmaster back to it's former glory, you've chosen the right shop. Call, email, or hit us up on Facebook for more details.

Frame Repair:

Cracked a dropout? Bent a stay? Tweaked your fork?
  • We possess the tools and knowledge to tackle most any repair job. Stop by for a free assessment!